About Us

The Independence High School Band Booster Club is a non-profit, 501(c)3, incorporated charity. Our activities conform to the letter and spirit of the designation. The organization is not politically affiliated and functions in no political capacity. 
For a copy of our certification documents, please email independenceHS.bbc@gmail.com.

Mission statement

The Independence High School Band Boosters Club is established to support the Independence High School Band (Frisco, TX). The organization is guided by a core principle: engaging supporters to help band members achieve greatness through effective fundraising, logistical support and positive encouragement. 


Membership is open to parents and/or guardians of student members of the band program. Membership is not required, but families of band members are encouraged to support a rapidly growing band program in a growing school district. 
Efforts are guided by an annually elected board of directors, consisting of volunteer members of the organization, elected by a majority vote. Specific activities are lead by nominated and approved committee leaders. Directors and committee leaders serve in a voluntary, uncompensated capacity only. 
The organization is guided by established rules of the Frisco Independent School District, and governed by a common set of bylaws defined by the district with addendum specifying unique operating requirements for the club itself. Those common bylaws are also amended to reflect the mission of the organization, with the approval of the board and recognition by the designated campus official (Principal). 
We are dedicated to provide a positive environment for student artistic and educational growth as musicians/performers. We promote strong relationships between band staff, students, and parents to nurture student excellence beyond band programs. We encourage elite level achievement for the band and its members, supporting students financially to afford every opportunity for success. We supply physical support to band activities, including transportation of equipment, performance setup/teardown, uniform/costume maintenance, communication, and chaperoning. 
Annually, we provide a college scholarship to deserving students who epitomize the characteristics of a champion band member. We also provide in-year funds to help qualifying students engage in optional private lessons and other training programs. Funding is raised through a series of events, only one of which may include student participation. The organization is also governed by rigorous, conservative financial policies and procedures to ensure fiduciary responsibility for long term financial stability. 
The organization is a nonprofit corporation in the state of Texas and conforms to the requirements established.
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